The photographs I’ve collected and printed are fractions of an image depicting an explosion in Gaza during the summer of 2014. I am using an antiquated photographic process in order to emphasize the idea of destruction. In using alternative processes there are many variables that can cause a disruption of sorts in the way an image is printed which I’ve chosen to embrace such as light leaks, an incorrect mix of chemicals, or leaving a print in a bath for an incorrect amount of time. Specifically, I printed the images using the Kallitype process because the tonal range and contrast level best articulated the dramatic aesthetic I thought suited the images. I believe these missteps add to the destructive nature of the subject matter.
             These images are about chaos and the way people handle the frantic nature of war and its imagery. The fragmented assembly of this image is a metaphor for my frustration with the inability anyone has in fully grasping the situation in the Middle East because we as a society are so far removed from it. We have become desensitized by the images of explosions because of the media's constant output of it. The title of this piece is “2200”. This amount represents the number of casualties resulting from "Operation Protective edge" on both sides of the conflict. My intent is not to project my own personal political beliefs on the matter but rather my hope is that by bringing these images to people's attention, we can begin to pay proper attention to the conflicts and become more informed about them.